You Tube Page for evilNAPKINS BMF 


To help our members to be able to record and save attacks we now have our very own You Tube page for evilNAPKINS BMF.  You mat visit the page by clicking on the link here:

EvilNAPKINS BMF You Tube Link


We have this page for our Members to post videos of our attacks.  In order to contribute to the page her is what you need to do:


1.)  First you must be a Mamber of our clan.  

2.)  You need a way to record video directly from CoC.  I use reflector Once you have this in place you may begin to copy and save video images directly from CoC

3.) After saving video onto your computer you must download it onto our You Tube Page.  To sign in to our page you must use the email as your user name.  You will need to ask for the password and this is available on band.