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The rules are the same for all clans. 

clan war LEAGUE

evilNAPKiNS Clan War League:

Rule #1 - PHiLOSOPHY:

♠️If you are one of our clan's top 15-30 players, then you should be prepared to be included in the roster for our Clan War Leagues. BE PREPARED. This is not optional, because not including your higher-level base and not having your attack will hurt the clan's chances of earning stars and winning. Stars are important, even if we don't win. 

♠️ Since each participant only has one attack per war, instead of two, we cannot simply attack the base beneath us, as we do in regular Clan Wars.

Our enemies' war bases will be revealed to us at the start of battle day. 

In the absence of specific guidance, Napkins currently attack their mirrors on the map (#5 attacks #5),

However, if possible, a Co-Leader or other designated member in the clan may assign specific bases to each member on the Roster. These will be sent out via Clan Mail OR enemy war bases on the map may have a player's name attached to them. Check BOTH before attacking. Read Clan Chat for any changes, and to weigh in on the discussion or ask questions.

All participants are expected to attack according to the instructions in the Clan Mail/War Map, and pay attention to any strategy notes provided in chat or in the notes on the war map for your assigned base.

♠️ It is the purview of the Clan Leader to determine who will receive any Bonus Medals provided/earned during the Clan War Leagues Event. These are awarded after it is finished, since the number available is determined partially by the number of wars won.

The Clan Leader does his best to be fair in carrying out this responsibility, but makes no claims to perfection. And sometimes the choices are difficult.

In general, bonus stars are first awarded to players who go above and beyond the call of duty during Clan War Leagues. Examples may include:

Donating the majority of War-Base and/or War-Attack troops, because you happen to have the highest-level. This is an added expense that is not compensated for anywhere else.

Being the primary strategist for wars, as this takes time and effort, including sending out the Clan Mail/War Map.

Taking one for the team by having to attack a base with much less loot or on which you are sure to earn fewer stars than others, because it's in the best interest of the clan (usually at the request of a Co-Leader).

Sometimes, a member who was not even in the active roster will be awarded bonus medals to show appreciation for the positive impact they have on the clan in other ways (positive in chat, encouraging of others, promoting the Clan Guide, or just being a long-time loyal member). It's a way for the leader to say "thank you." 

Note: Simply doing well on your attacks doesn't necessarily justify your earning bonus medals. When you do well on your attacks, you earn more stars, which translate into more medals for you personally at the end. That's your reward for attacking well, not bonus medals.

Alternate Accounts: If you have more than one account, be sure to let the Clan Leader know toward the end of every CWL week which account you prefer to receive any medals you might be awarded. Otherwise, he will make his best guess, usually giving them to what he considers to be your primary account.


It should go without saying, but it doesn't - don't complain about the awarding of bonus medals. The basic thought process is explained above, but it often just comes down to the judgement of the leader. Be thankful for the medals you earned/received in CWL. Period. If you or someone else gets bonus medals - consider it an extra treat that isn't expected or owed to you.



> Use of Band  for communication is mandatory if you wish to become an Elder or Co-Leader. 

> All members are expected to donate to all open troop requests they can before requesting for themselves.



♠️15 VS 30 Our clan obviously will gain more exp. So it is more beneficial for our clan to do a 30vs30.

This page assumes you are already familiar with the information in the Clan Wars Leagues Overview on the Clash of Clans Wiki website. Be sure to read it carefully.

One thing the Leaders value, is the attitude and enthusiasm demonstrated by our members. Rewards may be based, in part, on things like:

1. You are involved in our discussion in chat and on If not please join. Our war strategy discussions take place here.

2. Don't miss attacks.

3. Sometimes RED folks are included, if this is you and you know you will not show, let me know.




♠️We communicate through Band.Us   Only Clan Members who are on our Band will be considered for Elder or for Co-Leader.


♠️ Please join our Band.

When you join band, use your player name, so we know how you are. 


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The War Schedule

♠️The War Schedule♠️3 Wars Per Week♠️