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The rules are the same for all clans. 

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evilNAPKiNS Clan Rules:

Rule #1 - PHiLOSOPHY:

♠️This clan is ideally for those players who have a "clan first" mentality.  We are a team and we are a family.     We are "war clans." Two clans, one family.  For the most part, the rules are the same for all clans. ​ 


 ♠️Active participation in clan chat and war is the standard.  Players may "opt out" of war.  We expect "opt outs" to be the exception, not the rule.   This is not a clan for people who are constantly "red."  We have four clans. 

Participate in Clan Wars

 ♠️We all have real lives outside of the game, but reasonable presence and 100% war participation are a must. In the event you will be unavailable for an extended period of time, please use the Clan Band Page to communicate with leaders about your schedule so everyone can plan accordingly.

We expect the lower players to go early.  Below  the expected time frame for war:

ALL lower bases and should be finished with ALL attacks VERY early, certainly no later than the at the 12 hour mark.  

♠️Members should also be aware that we are not a static clan: we are constantly improving.  All members must steadily progress toward game goals, not only by upgrading defense and troop levels, but also by improving base defense design and attack strategy skills.  

♠️Success is never guaranteed, of course, but if you’re holding on to defunct attack strategies and not trying to improve your three-star chances, this is not the clan for you.

Rule #3 - ETIQUETTE:

♠️Don’t be that clan member no one likes to interact with. While we’re often sarcastic and biting in chat, it’s always in good humor and never for personal attack. If you’re thin-skinned about jokes or constructive game criticism, this is not the clan for you. Do not start trouble. Drama is for the stage, not chat. Should you have an issue with a clanmate, solve it in a mature way.

Rule #4 - DONATIONS:

♠️Of primary importance is that all members are expected to donate actively, consistently, and generously. It is assumed that all members will have donated to all open requests they can before requesting for themselves. Of course, not all players will have all requested troops available at all times, but if you have a requested troop or troops, or could easily prepare troops for donation quickly, do so. It’s clan first, remember?

evilNAPKiNS Clan War Rules:


♠️In keeping with our overall philosophy, the first rule of Clan War is clan first. Period. War is about earning stars, earning XP, supporting clanmates and helping the whole clan win. It is NOT the time to show how awesome you are (or thought you were) with the latest attack strategy, to practice some variety of attack or try out your latest unlocked troop, or to flex your online bravado because you “always wanted to attack a maxed out base.” No. Just, Also, Clan War attacks are all-out, smash-their-faces-in attacks.  You barch in Clan War, and you die.


♠️The full-clan war roster is set using the maximum number of clan members possible. If you are a member of the clan, it is assumed you are ready for war at any time, unless  you "opt out."  The war schedule is posted at the very end of this page.


♠️If you do not wish to be included in the Clan War, then you need to go to one of our clans who will let you opt out. Evilnapking BMF is for the big boys. Evilnapkins War is the clan for those who are farming and building. If you want to sit somewhere, go there. Evilnapkins BM8 is a full-time war clan. if you are there then you will be green or be kicked.  ​Evilnapkins Ace is the lowest of the four and best for low ranking bases. 


♠️Selection of those to be included in war will be made at the using factors such as donation level, activity, and past war performance. 100% war attack participation is the clan standard.  Failure to make any attack in a single war frequently results in automatic expulsion at the judgment of the Leaders. We cannot win if we do not attack, so make sure you get your attacks in. 


♠️It is always best to communicate during war, and make the best decisions for the team.  As a general rule, each player has "first dibs" on their mirror in war.  Many times, you may feel you can't three star your mirror.  If you do not believe that you can three star your mirror then feel free to pass on it.  If that's the case, they you may want to type the word "open" on your mirror.  Communicate your intentions.  I can tap into your brain, and read your mind, but the other clan members don't have this ability. 

 ♠️ In our wars, two star attacks are frequently not helpful.  There are some exceptions i.e "smack attack" when a lower base hits the top base for two stars or for specifically engineered bases.  Folks who can reliably move up and two star the top could allow a top player to move down and get a three star on a lower base.  This strategy is only effective on bases we don't plan to three star. Unless you are the exception, first attacks should be on your mirror or lower, never higher. Try to always claim the base you are considering attacking. Try to do your first attack early in the war, especially if you are near the bottom. The bottom ranking players should be ready to attack about the time the war begins

If you don't feel as though you have a chance of getting three stars on your mirror in war, then go there and mark it as "open."


♠️Your town hall level and your position on the board determines your attack timeline in war.  In general we would prefer to work from the bottom up. Attacks will be determined strategically for maximum strategic benefit.  Don't wait until the last minute, others may be waiting on you.  We  expect to work from the "bottom up."  Those  at the bottom should be ready to attack early in war.  Remember, those above are waiting for you.  My favorite color is blue.  We don't need to be waiting for lower bases to attack, go early.  

Second Attack Considerations:

♠️Second attacks are generally on a lower target or a target that plays to a member’s particular attack strengths. Getting three stars on second attacks is the primary goal of all second attacks. Exceptions are for second attacks used to scout a higher level base.   Scouting higher bases is best coordinated with the player who will be attacking that base, ask them what they want.  

Claiming Second Targets:

♠️ We are not a “looting” clan.  Don't scam another player's mirror for the stars and for the loot.  Give them the respect of having first shot at their mirror, or rejecting it. If you hit your own mirror, then wait until all players have had a chance to hit before you make your second hit.  Failing to do so, repeatedly, will get you kicked. 

It is always best to "call" the base or "claim the target you are going to hit during war.  ​If you "claim target" you have two hours to hit it.  after that it is open for anyone.   Do not hit a base someone else has called, unless its has been over two hours.  


Rule #5 - WAR BASES:

♠️War bases should utilize an anti-three star design. As we grow, we will face some very strong, skilled attackers.  A TH9, for example, set up in a traditional centered TH mode is very susceptible to a 100% attack. Our goal is to minimize the number of three-star attacks the opponent gets, while maximizing our own. If you need help with design, just ask one of the Elders or Leaders.

♠️"Dummy Bases" We strongly discourage posting a "dummy base" for war that is poorly designed, if you want to switch war bases, that's fine.   Be sure your war bases are all strong, in case you forget to switch.  Try not to have a war base that is identical to another clan member's war base.  Switching war bases is a good way to irritate your opponent, and works to your advantage.  Be sure that you switch to your chosen war base design prior to war commencing.  Once war starts, you are stuck with your active war base for the duration.  

♠️Clan War League. We have some specific recommendations for your participation CWL.  



♠️Fill troop level requests accurately.  If someone asks for Wizards don’t give them Barbarians…ask first before you give them something that have not requested.   


♠️Do not start trouble. Solve your problems in a mature way. Avoid unhelpful criticism and always support the clan.

Clan war.   When you call a base to attack in war, try to make your attack within two hours from the time you call it. It's OK to call it before war starts, but if you do, you should hit within the first two hours. Don't call a second base to attack in war until you've completed your first attack.  Don't attack bases that others have called.  You have two hours to hit the base once you have called it.  After that, it is "open."  Also, if you don't think you will reliably get three stars on your mirror, mark it as "open."


Do what's best for the clan to win.   If in doubt, ask one of the Leaders for their advice.  

Clan War League requires one good attack, done early.  You only get ONE attack in CWL.    We will need our best  players in clan War League.  Be active if you wish to be included.  It helps bring Xp to increase our clan's ranking, and gives those who participate good loot.  

To read more about Clan War League, Click Here.




Q: What behaviors will get me kicked from the clan?

A:  Not using both attacks in war frequently can; not using any attacks in war always will.

– Acting badly (our leaders are in fairly constant contact, and will act quickly to kick any member acting like an idiot).

- Never  participating in war.  We are a war clan.  If you do not want to be in war, join a farming clan. 

- Being a low ranking player and not doing you war attacks early. 

- Hitting a base in war that someone else claimed. 

- Co-Leader may kick folks who continue to break the rules. 

Q:  Why am I not in this war?

A:  Perhaps you did not do both of your attacks in the last war.  Or you have not been active.  Maybe you attacked too high up the ladder and you should have dropped down, but didn't.  If you are a low ranking player and are waiting until late in the war to attack, think of going earlier.  One bad attack that go "sideways"  won't keep you out of war, we all have those occasionally. 

Q: What is a league badge, and why do I need one?

A: A league badge is the colored badge to the left of your name in the game. When each  season resets your league shield goes away – it turns into a little dotted outline of a shield, and stays that way until you attack again. Having one by the first Wednesday in a new season means you’re playing the game, and active players are what we’re looking for.  If you are riding a shield but active and have no badge, that is OK, just let someone know. 

Q:  How do I get to be an Elder?

First, read the Clan War Rules.  The fact that you are here means you have passed the first test.  Then, join our Band

Q:  What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow?

The average speed of an unladen European swallow is 20.1 mph.


Leadership, respect and active members are the key to success of the evilNAPKiNS Clans.

√ We demand respect between Clan family members and disrespectful behaviors will not be tolerated. However, expect trash talking and joking with each other all for fun. 

√ All NAPKiNS have families, lives, careers, school, etc. so if you ever need a break from the game just let us know.

√ Leadership
Is earned not strictly by donation levels but by the type of person you are and level of activity in the clan. We look for the best and brightest, often crazy, NAPKiNS to take the challenge of leadership. Leaders will know the Clan Rules and will be a member of our Band.  If you wish to be an Elder or Co-Leader , these are absolute requirements. Leaders are responsible for knowing and enforcing the clan rules.  

√ Events

√ House Cleaning


You may be removed at any time if the Leaders feel as though you are a distraction to the clan or are not doing your job.    


All rules may at anytime be changed or modified by the Leaders of the clan.   


♠️We communicate through Band.Us   Only Clan Members who are on our Band will be considered for Elder or for Co-Leader.


♠️ Please join our Band.

When you join band, use your player name, so we know how you are. 


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The War Schedule


> Use of Band  for communication is mandatory if you wish to become an Elder or Co-Leader. 

> All members are expected to donate to all open troop requests they can before requesting for themselves.

♠️The War Schedule♠️3 Wars Per Week♠️