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We are dedicated to making our clan a family first and foremost.  Loyalty is what napkins are made of. Do think you have what it takes to be one of us? If so you must first know what is expected of you.  We have fun but also take our Clan Rules seriously.  

Clan Wars 

evilNAPKiNS BMF Clan Rules:

evilNAPKiNS BMF General Clan Rules:


Clan first. Period. When making game decisions about upgrades, new strategies to learn, etc., think first about what most benefits the clan. If you are in the clan to ride coattails and enjoy the perks of being part of one of the most well-rounded, successful clans in the Clash world, but don’t intend to be an active part of making it better because you have aspirations of individual player greatness, save yourself some reading time and move on. We are not that clan.


Active participation in clan chat and war is the standard, not the exception. Also, reading clan information via the Band social media app (available from Band.us) and use of ClashTrack.com/evilnapkinsbmf for war attack claiming and reporting are mandatory. We all have real lives outside of the game, but reasonable presence and 100% war participation are a must. In the event you will be unavailable for an extended period of time, please use the clan Band page to communicate with leaders about your schedule so everyone can plan accordingly.

Next, it looks bad for a clan lineup to be filled with empty gray shield spaces, so it is expected all members will have attacked and been placed in an appropriate league by Wednesday following the end of each four-week league cycle.

Finally, full war participation is expected of all members at the time of each full-clan war. Opting out should be a rare event reserved for accommodating real life schedules, occasional game upgrade challenges, or other unforeseen occurrences. As a result, members are allowed two (2) clan war opt outs (not including the Queen’s War, which is discussed separately) during the four-week season. We make an exception to this rule for our new members. All new members are expected to demonstrate attack proficiency with war troops by successfully completing at least three (3) friendly challengers against clanmates’ bases. Once we are all comfortable, then you will be included in Clan Wars.

Members should also be aware that we are not a static clan: we are constantly improving. All members must steadily progress toward game goals, not only by upgrading defense and troop levels, but also by improving base defense design and attack strategy skills. All players should be capable of regularly getting two or more stars against fully stocked bases of comparable strength, and all TH10 and TH9 players must be proficient with one or more current three-star attack strategies. TH11 players must be proficient with strong two-star attacks against maxed bases and consistent three-star attacks against TH10 and lower bases. Success is never guaranteed, of course, but if you’re holding on to defunct attack strategies and not trying to improve your three-star chances, this is not the clan for you.

Rule #3 - ETIQUETTE:

Don’t be that clan member no one likes to interact with. While we’re often sarcastic and biting in chat, it’s always in good humor and never for personal attack. If you’re thin-skinned about jokes or constructive game criticism, this is not the clan for you. Do not start trouble. Drama is for the stage, not chat. Should you have an issue with a clanmate, solve it in a mature way, preferably outside of game chat. Avoid unhelpful criticism, and always support the clan. Also, READ. Fill troop type and level requests accurately. If someone asks for wizards, don’t give barbarians. If you don’t have a particular requested troop or troop level, ask first before you donate something that was not requested. In general, max level troops are available most of the time.

Rule #4 - DONATIONS:

Of primary importance is that all members are expected to donate actively, consistently, and generously. It is assumed that all members will have donated to all open requests they can before requesting for themselves. Of course, not all players will have all requested troops available at all times, but if you have a requested troop or troops, or could easily prepare troops for donation quickly, do so. It’s clan first, remember?

The donation season coincides with the Clash league season. The season is four weeks long. During that period, all members are expected to accumulate at least 500 donations during the first two weeks and at least 1,000 for the full four-week term. The donation season tally ends immediately following the end of the Friday start clan war. So, by that war’s end on Sunday, you should have reached the required donation level if it’s the season midpoint or end. Failure to meet the donation minimums will likely get you kicked from the clan. If no troop is specified in the request, archers are the default donation.

Rule #5 - SPANKS:

The Spank System is our warning system to monitor, track, and discourage unacceptable behavior. If you receive three spanks in a four-week season you will be kicked out. 

IMPORTANT: The spank system in no way disregards the role of leadership to make immediate decisions nor diminishes leadership authority to take immediate action to address unacceptable behavior. In other words, if you’re a total idiot or unacceptably offensive or inappropriate at any time, we don’t wait for spanks to accumulate: you’re gone.


evilNAPKiNS BMF Clan War Rules:


In keeping with our overall philosophy, the first rule of Clan War is clan first. Period. War is about earning stars, earning XP, supporting clanmates and helping the whole clan win. It is NOT the time to show how awesome you are [thought you were] with the latest attack strategy, to practice some variety of attack or try out your latest unlocked troop, or to flex your online bravado because you “always wanted to attack a maxed out base.” No. Just, just...no. Also, Clan War attacks are all-out, smash-their-faces-in attacks. You barch in Clan War, and you die.


Our standing full-clan war searches begin each Tuesday at around 8 PM EST and Friday at around 6 PM EST. The Queen’s Invitational War search (discussed separately) begins on Sunday as soon as possible following the end of the Friday war. The full-clan war roster is set using the maximum number of clan members possible. If you are a member of the clan, it is assumed you are ready for war at any time, unless using one of your two allowed opt outs during a given four-week season. When the number of members exceeds the number of allowed or needed war participants (47 clan members going into a 40 vs. 40 war, for example), cuts will be made at the Queen’s discretion using factors such as donation level, activity, and past war performance. 100% war attack participation is the clan standard. Failure to make any attack in a single war frequently results in automatic expulsion at the judgment of the Leaders. We cannot win if we do not attack, so make sure you get your attacks in. A missed attack always results in a spank, and two missed attacks usually results in expulsion from the clan.


Simply stated, do NOT attack your “Recommended Target” on the war map. If in doubt, then re-read the previous sentence. Generally speaking, but subject to modification as needed, our strategy is to attack plus or minus two from your “mirror” on the war map (the opponent base ranked the same as your own). However, depending on the match balance, we may have to modify the targeting and employ a “sliding mirror” strategy or other strategy depending upon the strength of the opponent. In such instances, members will be notified prior to the start of war.


Your town hall level determines your attack timeline in war, as follows.

Town Hall 9:

Attention BMF. War strategy is changing.  All members are expected to read and follow. Please ask any questions you may have. The intent is to become more efficient in our attacks

TH9s hit mirrors, second attacks by nines get approval by elder or above so we can decide to scout early or to attack another th9 for clean up.  TH10s should only hit bases without approval that they can 3 star most of the time given their history and attack strategy. In practice that will mean 10s are cleaning 9s and hitting non IT bases early.  Co's can then be giving approvals for 10s that can hit some 11s for two and later in war it may become apparent that a ten will need to hit a tough ten for two but that will need to be a later decision as we see how our 11's attacks are looking to be allocated. 

At a minimum, first attacks must be completed by the 12 hours remaining mark, and both attacks must be completed by the 8 hours remaining mark. Any TH9 attacks not completed by the 8 hour remaining mark must be used to scout higher level bases for the benefit of clanmates. Players should ask for a target before launching any scouting raid.

Town Hall 10:

At a minimum, all first attacks should be completed by the 8 hours remaining mark, so that we may assess ending strategy and second attacks. Our strategic emphasis in the use of TH10 attacks is to provide easy three-star cleanup up of TH9 bases and two-star hits on TH11 bases. TH10 players should coordinate their attacks with other players for maximum strategic benefit. TH10 second attacks should be completed by the 2 hours remaining mark.

Town Hall 11:

Ideally, all TH11 first attacks should be completed by the 4 hours remaining mark. Second attacks will be determined strategically close to the end of war for maximum strategic benefit.

Second Attack Considerations:

Second attacks are, generally, on a lower target or a target that plays to a member’s particular attack strengths. Getting three stars on second attacks is the primary goal of second attacks. For second attack targets, players should not drop more than ten (10) spots without Leader or Elder approval, as dropping too much severely restricts target options for lower ranked clanmates. Also, even for second attacks, there should be no war attack on any base ranked higher than your own without getting approval from a Leader first. This applies to Leaders, too. Attacking higher is risky. It looks good if it goes well, but looks bad and wastes a critical attack if it goes poorly.

Difficult Opponent Bases:

If an opponent base presents difficulty and two attacks have failed to claim the three-star, there will be no further attacks except by a significantly stronger attacker (such as a TH10 attacking a difficult TH9 opponent after two attacks fail to claim the three-star). It’s easy—and pointless—to amass a string of four or five unsuccessful attacks against a difficult base, when a stronger attacker might have easily cleared it, sparing the extra attacks for greater strategic benefit to the clan. If you wish to hit an opponent base that has been hit twice already, you must receive leader approval.

Claiming Second Targets:

As with first attacks, ClashTrack MUST be used to claim targets and report outcomes for second attacks. The expires two hours after it is made. If you claim a second attack target and, three hours later, find someone else has hit it, save the crying for when you’re home in your “Belieber” t-shirt watching Gilmore Girls reruns.


Before you ask, we are not a “looting” clan. Even when facing farming war clans, job one is to successfully hit every opponent base and maximize XP before looting is considered. In those rare cases, only Lilu will give the go-ahead if and/or when looting raids may be run. Please, don’t ask.

Rule #5 - WAR BASES:

All TH9 and TH10 war bases must utilize an anti-three design. We face some very strong, skilled attackers, and a TH9, for example, set up in a traditional centered TH mode is very susceptible to a 100% attack. Our goal is to minimize the number of three-star attacks the opponent gets, while maximizing our own. If you need help with design, just ask one of the Elders or Leaders.



Fill troop level requests accurately. If someone asks for Wizards don’t give them Barbarians…ask first before you give them something that have not requested.   In general we will give max level troops the majority of the time. 


Do not start trouble. Solve your problems in a mature way. Avoid unhelpful criticism and always support the clan.





Q: What behaviors will get me kicked from the clan?

A: Not using both attacks in war frequently can; not using any attacks in war always will.

– Acting badly (our leaders are in fairly constant contact, and will act quickly to kick any member acting like an idiot).

-- Failing to meet the donation minimum of 500 troops per two weeks. 


Q: Who will be my "mentor"?

A: The clan Member that accepts you when you join will be your "mentor" for the first two weeks.  They willl help you learn our process.  The Member who accepts you has the right to kick you out if you do not ffolow their requests. 

Q: What is a league badge, and why do I need one?

A: A league badge is the colored badge to the left of your name in the game. It’s either bronze, silver, or gold, and they’re numbered 1-3. When each 2-week season resets your league shield goes away – it turns into a little dotted outline of a shield, and stays that way until you attack again. Having one by the first Wednesday in a new season means you’re playing the game, and active players are what we’re looking for.  If you are riding a shield but active and have no badge, that is OK, just let someone know. 



Leadership, respect and active members are the key to success of the evilNAPKiNS Clans.

√ We demand respect between family members and disrespectful behaviors will not be tolerated. However, expect trash talking and joking with each other but this is all for fun. 

√ All NAPKiNS have families, lives, careers, school, etc. so if you ever need a break from the game just let us know.

√ Leadership
Is earned not by donation levels but by the type of person you are and level of activity in the clan. We look for the best and brightest, often crazy, NAPKiNS to take the challenge of leadership.

√ Events
Clan Wars are three times a week  - every Tuesday and Friday are prep days for "normal" wars starting  around 9 PM EST.  The "Queens War" is 15 vs 15 and starts on Sunday. 

√ House Cleaning


You may be removed at any time if the Leaders feel as though you are a distraction to the clan and not doing your job.   If you get three spanks during a 4 week cycle you will be kicked.  You may request to come back only after the four week cycle ends. 


All rules may at anytime be changed or modified by the Leader of the clan.   



RiddledRegiment is for high-end TH8s and for TH9s who want a slower pace but still want to be in wars twice a week.  You may opt out of war in RR if you are upgrading. To bounce back and forth between the two clans but before you do please check with the Clan Leader first.  Also realize that if you decide to jump to BMF your expectations and performance will be under higher scrutiny. 
If you decide you wish to change from one clan to the other, please let the Clan Leaders know.  For the most part is is OK as long as you are functioning at a high level and meet the clan requirememts.  Clan Leaders will have the right to refuse based on the circumstances. 


We communicate through Band.  


You can download the App through www.band.us

Ask a member for the invitation code if you need it.  Invitation codes are only good for 24 hours. 


– New> If you are not a Member of the Band.  Go to Band.us and sign up.  Invitation codes are good for 24 hours.   

The "Queens War"

♠️The Queens War♠️

"Queen Lilu’s Invitational War"

Queen Lilu’s Invitational War (the Queen’s War) is a smaller war, generally 20 vs. 20.  For the purposes of this war we have the clan arbitrarily divided into two equal teams. These two teams alternate participation in the Queen's war every other week. It begins each Sunday immediately following the Friday full-clan war and is joined by invitation only. Black Dragon is responsible for announcing the lineup invitations after the Friday full-clan war is matched. Invitations will be posted on Band. Only those players responding to the invitation will be allowed to participate in the war. Invitees will have 24 hours to respond. Failure to respond will result in the invitation being rescinded and an alternate selected. Since the QW is a very small war, every attack is critical. Do not confirm your participation if you are not able to attack or if either of your heroes is unavailable for war. The QW demands 100% participation and best effort. A missed attack in the QW will result in two spanks instead of one, and lack of participation at all will result in immediate expulsion from the clan. Clash Caller will be used to claim targets and report outcomes, just as with any other war. 


We attempted to be comprehensive with the revisions, but there are some new and/or significantly modified rules you should be aware of. Among those are:


> All new members are expected to demonstrate attack proficiency with war troops by successfully completing at least three (3) friendly challenges against clanmates’ bases before earning the right to participate in Clan Wars.

> All members are expected to donate to all open troop requests they can before requesting for themselves.

> Clarification of the expectations for claiming first and second targets in war has been provided.

> The timeline for war attacks for individual town hall levels has been modified and prescribed.

> A limit has been placed on the number of repeat attacks on difficult bases.


These are excerpts, so please read the document in its entirety.

© 2020 by evilNAPKINS BMF